Winter Hike (and a Boozy Lunch)

I learned recently a park system near me-and the parks I grew up with-have this thing they call a Winter Hike. Essentially, you go on a guided hike with a park volunteer for a few hours and learn about the park and the flora and fauna while getting a decent amount of exercise. For five Saturdays you go to five different parks. If you do all five hikes you get a special button, so naturally I have to get this button even if that means I am going to turn into a popsicle along the way.

This event prompted me to get a year long pass to all 22 parks and to have a strong desire to explore more. The crazy part about this is that I lived 10 minutes away from the park we went to today and went all the time until we moved. I thought I knew that park so well, and yet, I still learned of new trails and some history about some of the buildings I never really thought much about. Fascinating!! Goes to show there is always more to learn and discover.

I went with a friend and not only was this a great way to get out and exercise and learn, it was a great way to catch up. The event offers hot soup and coffee after the hike, however, we opted to go get lunch-the line for the soup was super long and we were a bit too frozen to wait.

Not far down the road from the park is this really cool Mexican restaurant. The restaurant is known for its crazy fun drinks. They have amazing food, too, but those beverages are next level. I'd say they were Las Vegas style. I got this drink called La Playa that was really fruity. I thought it would be a normal cocktail with a regular straw. Nope! It came out bubbling with dry ice and had fruit garnish, silly straws and a flag with the name of the restaurant on it. It looked like some kind of science experiment. My friend got a margarita and was just as crazy with all of the added bonuses. This was a great follow-up to the hike and really warmed us up.

I'm excited for the next hikes and what I will get to learn. I wish I would've taken pictures but I forgot so I'll try and remember for next week.

*This event is by the Great Parks of Hamilton County. They have 22 gorgeous parks over 17,000+ acres and are all worth checking out. I am most familiar with Winton Woods since I grew up close by. Fun fact about these parks is that you find work by Charlie Harper, a renowned local artist, all around them. Learn more about these parks at .The restaurant was Mi Cozumel off Winton Road.

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