Stumbling into the New Year

I came into the new year with no resolutions. However, five days in and I decided to give myself goals. Things I kept telling myself I would do and didn't. Things I want to do but somehow couldn't find the time or motivation. I want to learn American Sign Language (ASL) again and work my way through a cookbook I got last year on a whim, The New York Times Menu Cookbook, circa 1966.

I haven't had a year where I didn't have goals that didn't relate to school or my career path since high school more than a decade ago-I feel old. Why this year, though? Well, I'm not graduating college or working to get a job in my field of study this year. I'm not buying a house or dealing with a flooded apartment this year. I don't have any big things planned. Unusual for me since I really like having big 3goals and aspirations.

I was talking to some of the guys at work and they were talking about the languages they've been learning and it sounded way cool. ASL is such a cool language since it is so visual. I took an ASL class in college as an elective and wish I would've continued and become proficient at it. It's been floating around in my head for forever. The only signs I remember are "puffy" and how to spell some of my name. Not nearly enough to hold a conversation or do anything with.

I want to improve my cooking and be able to take what I have on hand and make a wonderful dish. I want to be able to entertain my friends with fun appetizers or a really good dish without fumbling around the kitchen and hovering over the recipes like my life depends on it. Now as for the cookbook I chose-I somehow got myself subscribed to The New York Times cooking newsletter. I found out they have a cookbook and started googling what they were about. Not sure how I ended up with one from 1966 but I'm not mad about it. I also got a French cookbook by a famous French chef from the 60s. (which may explain the menu cookbook haha) and a country cookbook. I gave the French cookbook away cause I can't deal with the amount of organ meat recipes in there. Not really my speed. I plan on trying out other recipes along the way on this culinary journey of mine.

So, this year I'm going on an adventure to learn new things and become even better one small step at a time. Here's to a new year and new goals and aspirations!

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